¿Siglo XXI?



17 pensamientos en “¿Siglo XXI?

  1. Me haces recordar que en este país…hay cosas que no cambian.
    No son higiénicas pero netamente prácticas.
    La vida sigue…y como captas de bien.

  2. Eso es muy difícil de explicar en español:) Great photo, a situation just taken out of time. The meat goes into the restaurant… which is a normal thing that happens all the time. I thought that there might be someone inside having breakfast, as this guy delivers half a pig, and it made me smile 😉

  3. Well done. Not something that would likely be seen here in Canada. Many city dwellers seem to think their food comes from some magical happy farm-place with lots of singing or just grows in packages. 🙂


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